OMG Riley git a new pink wig…. She’s so lovely sexy!

IMG81This 100cm TPE doll has received an incredible welcome and now knows a delirious success! This is my fourth post about this new so sexy WM Dolls Riley.

After “the little new star“, the fantastic cute baby, and her first presentation, today you can see this new gallery from WM Dolls: Riley got a new wig….

Available on


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  1. What are the following measurements:

    Biceps circumference:
    Thigh circumference:
    Calf circumference:
    Neck circumference:
    Shoulder width:
    Shoulder to waist:
    Pants inseam:
    Doll full length:

    1. realdolladdict

      Hi Bill, i don’t have this information yet. But i coud try to obtain from the manufacturer. stay tuned!

    2. Hi Bill
      there are all the specifications for Riley on the WM Dolls Website.
      weight:12KG –>>> COOOLLL!
      Without head height:85cm
      Head to vagina :58cm
      Shoulder width:22cm
      Lower chest:40cm
      Vagina Can choose insert or built-ing ,no anus .
      Vagina deep :16CM
      Mouth hole deep:11CM

  2. Hey there! I’ve been around the forum board and discovered that the 100CM RILEY was my perfect match ♥ I’m glad I’ve found your blog here as it’s pretty handy comparing and seeing sources.

    I’ve 2 questions:
    1. Do clothes come with the doll? And if not, where is it aquire-able? (For Riley’s size)
    [ I asked the WM website for it but i’m still waiting for a reply ]
    I’m assuming that it doesn’t but just in case.

    2. Is it normal that ”IAMDOLL” sells different wigs than WM’s website?
    Either way, i’ll pick thoses at the official WM.

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting new photo sets ♥
    =D Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Nirriti,
      thanks for your comment on my blog!
      this doll is beautiful, light end sexy… For clothes, you could ask us or
      IAMDoll is an USA vendor. They could sell any others products they want. Have fun with there sexy wigs!
      I’m watching anything out for this doll… she has met with excellent response.
      Stay tuned

      1. By “us” you mean the RealDoll website? Or..?

        I’ve looked it up on the beautiful-doll website and only one clothing goes to my linking (somewhat). By the way the WM website owner told me that some clothes come with it. Kind of vague, but it’s an answer. haha. I’ll ask them if there’s some possible choice later and if there’s one or more set in it.

        As you said, she’s indeed quite something of a doll!
        Thanks in advance!

  3. Hey, did you delete my post? It’s hidden.
    Maybe it’s just in approuval though – if yes, sorry for the bother.

  4. Biceps circumference:17cm
    Thigh circumference: 35.5cm
    Calf circumference:20cm
    Neck circumference: 21cm
    Shoulder width:22cm
    Shoulder to waist:24cm
    Pants inseam:
    Doll full length: 100cm, without head 85cm
    head to groin: 58cm
    hand long:43cm
    from the back to the top of the breasts: 18cm

    1. Real thanks for all the information! Bill do you create some outfits for this little baby doll?

    1. No i did not. you’re right, she’s pretty and so sexy! The depth of vagina is 16 cm, but i don’t know the circumference diameter

  5. I have two dolls tanned one normal one, believe me it’s beautiful, circumference about 4 cm. 16 cm deep.

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