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Aiko Doll


Aiko Doll (Aiko Kobiyashi anime character) is a product and character created and owned by LaFargueDolls
LaFargueDolls is committed to provide quality products to its customers world wide.

You can read more about our other product at
Aiko Doll is a medical grade silicone product. Completly hand made by family owned and run LaFargue Dolls. Our goal is to become a leader in developing silicone and Ball Jointed Dolls that excite and bring value to our customers in the hobby and high grade toy markets.


AIKO Doll publish some new vids on their YouTube channel:

Aiko Doll Silicone

Aiko Doll Back Bend and Waist Twist

Akio Doll Body Softness

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