NEW SEDOLL 5ft3 161cm G Cup

Well today we welcome a new brand of Sex Dolls on the sda blog: SE Doll

It is not a Sex Dolls Brand that has just been born, since it has existed for more than 3 years, but I had no contact with them before.
I am delighted to be able to show their products which seem to be of a high quality.
This Chinese manufacturer distributes its products, but you can find them on the world’s major stores.

A new design

The SEDOLL Sex Dolls are new. They propose new designs and I find that interesting. For the moment, I don’t have any consumer information, except for a few feedback from the right and left. So I’m waiting for you to comment to share your experience with these Sexdolls.

The 161cm G Cup model with the face Ailsa

This model is currently only available with this Ailsa face. I find her very Slavic with a slightly cold face, a straight nose a little long and a medium mouth. This face is a little mysterious and wild. We don’t really know what to expect with her.

Beautiful body

SEDOLL 5ft3 161cm G cup

She has slightly drooping and fairly large breasts (for me), and a pretty ass with a nice, well rounded butt. It’s not too much, or maybe even a little light compared to some models, but it’s still quite natural.
The measurements of this body are very normal.

To present this new model, SE Doll sent me this pretty and very neat series of photos with the video that you have already had to watch, I am sure ????

SEDOLL 5ft3 161cm G cup Specifications

  • Bust: 91cm – 35.5 in
  • G cup
  • Waist: 60cm – 23.4 in
  • Hips: 84cm – 32.8 in
  • Weight: 35kg – 77.2 lbs

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