NEW AF Dolls Fat Body Sex Doll (update with video)

A brand-new sexdoll before Christmas, isn’t that a nice gift?

Fat Body

This new sex doll from AF Dolls is a 5ft4 165cm Fat Body. So we’re going to have a nice, fat body, like I like them. A good pair of big tits with a very thin waist and a good big ass, it’s the very definition of a sex doll that excites me.

AF Dolls 5ft4 165cm Fat Body

This sex doll fits exactly that definition. Okay, it’s not the only one in this case, and I can even tell you that this one doesn’t shine by its lightness with its 121.25lbs / 55kg. But this sex doll has something special, unique, super exciting.

The shape of her breasts and ass, that’s what makes a difference.

AF Dolls 5ft4 165cm Fat Body – Huge Rounded Boobs

Her tits are very big, but they are also round and wide. They overflow well on the sides. You don’t need to compress them to take this super sexy round shape, which makes them want to when they wear a neckline. Her slim waist further enhances this contrast and enhances her large chest even more.

AF Dolls 5ft4 165cm Fat Body – Huge Butt

It’s a “Fat Body” so of course you have a good big ass with nice wide buttocks and good thighs. If she could tweet, I think you’d never get over it!…..

An angel’s or naughty face

Her face #64 with this blonde hair is super sexy. I couldn’t tell if she looks more like an angel or if she’s more of a pretty little bitch.

AF Dolls 5ft4 165cm Fat Body – #64 head

You can feel that she loves sex, but at the same time, her face remains soft. This almost white hue with its black eyes, this little nose and this well made up mouth are perfect for this model.

AF Dolls 5ft4 165cm Fat Body Measurements

  • Body height (with head): 5ft4 – 165 cm
  • Weight: 121.25lbs – 55kgs
  • Bust: 39.4in – 101cm
  • Underbust: 24in – 60cm
  • Cup: P
  • Waist: 33.85in – 86cm
  • Hips: 42.5in – 108cm

7 thoughts on “NEW AF Dolls Fat Body Sex Doll (update with video)”

  1. By the way, about “fat body doll”, could you post pictures of pregnant sexdolls ??? ????
    I’ve already seen a few pics of this kind of dolls, and the look hot(as if they were waiting the birth of a child) ????

    1. I’ve seen them but I’m not sure I like it, and I’m not sure I want to post them on this blog. I don’t want to broadcast anything related to children. We have to protect them and everything related to them bothers me.

    1. BIG BIG and BIGGGGG!! You’re right i tried to add them in a table, but there is a bugggg……!!! Now it’s ok!

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