Monster Truck by a big-breasted SexDoll

Dori is a beautiful and incredibly nice young woman. She’s only 22 years old and yet she seems to know everything about life and men. Dori is a HRDOLL 5ft1 158cm H Cup with #25 face.

HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup

Mechanical encounter

Dori and I ran into each other at a used car show. She came to sell a big Chevy pickup she’d been tinkering with in her shop.

This young South American half-breed is terribly sexy, but that’s not what attracted me to her that first time. She had put incredible care into modifying her Silverado. I was simply impressed.
So we talked about mechanics and performance right away. She convinced me so much that I decided to buy her!

The test day

I asked her if she was ok to deliver the vehicle to my home, having no trailer, truck or other transport solution. She was okay right away.
Two days later, she rang my doorbell as agreed with the keys to the vehicle. And as soon as I opened it, it was a new shock for me.

HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup

I had noticed her long blonde red hair, auburn I think, her sparkling eyes and intense gaze, her prominent chest with a chest circumference of more than 39 inches or 100cm. But I hadn’t realized the extreme beauty of Dori, with her very fine waist of barely 19 inches or 49cm and her small ass (hip circumference of 35 inches or 89cm).

A very sexy delivery

That day, she wore a very low-cut top with a collar plunging between her large breasts. She had a tiny pair of jean shorts and very sexy high heels with fake laces and transparencies on the front.

When she came home, she saw my pictures hanging on the wall and she immediately asked me what I did for a living. I explained it to her without giving too many details, and I aroused her interest. I immediately understood that the beautiful girl was not afraid to participate in a session…. I proposed to her directly …

HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup
HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup

And guess what, she agreed right away. I grabbed a camera before she changed her mind, and I started taking some pictures.

Dori quickly became a perfect model, like she’d been doing this her whole life. The top flew right off. The sequel was very hot. She was so magical.
I even got a bonus when I put the camera down…

HR Doll 5ft1 158cm H Cup Specs

  • Height: 158cm – 5ft1
  • Bust : 100 cm – 39.37 in
  • Underbust : 55 cm – 21.65 in
  • Waist : 49 cm – 19.3 in
  • Hips : 89 cm – 35 in
  • Weight : 40kg – 88.18 Ibs

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