Leopard Girl Mia

For lovers of wide sex doll with many shapes, I may have the doll you need: big breasts, a good big ass, a reasonable price and a relatively light weight… Isn’t that the perfect big-breasted sex doll?

A reasonable weight for a big-breasted sex doll

Usually, when sex dolls are very fat with beautiful shapes, you quickly find yourself with a doll that weighs about 93/95lbs (42/45kg). It’s always a pleasure when she’s at your side or underneath, but we often want to play with her everywhere and in other positions.

So you can tell me that in this case, it’s worth buying other sex dolls a little lighter or torsos to put them all over your house and “sail” from one to the other to combine pleasures and I agree with that. I even think it’s too good.

But here’s the new Irontech Doll 4ft5 140cm N cup is really affosdable in terms of price and weight, so it’s a very good first choice for a big breast addict, like me.

Large balloon-shaped breasts

Besides, this series of photos is great. I love it. Irontech’s sex doll is presented in leopard. And she really wants to scratch and bite you.

This new body has large balloon-shaped breasts, a rather thin waist and super large hips.

She has big thighs. From behind, she is very welcoming.

If you add high heels, this sex doll becomes irresistible and at the right height, so a lot of anal pleasure in perspective.

The MIA Face

Finally, the Mia face in a Western style, a little elongated, with its blue eyes, its neat make-up, and its two-coloured wig complete this new body very well. This makes it possible to have a rather harmonious whole.

Well, I’ll let you take a look at this new sex doll which, I think, will be a great success.

Feel free to vote and give your opinion so that we know what you think.

Irontech Doll 4ft5 140cm N Cup

  • Height: 140cm – 4ft5
  • Weight: 38kgs – 83.78lbs
  • Upper Bust: 101cm – 39.76 in
  • Under Bust: 64cm – 25.2 in
  • N Cup
  • Waist:56cm – 22.05 in
  • Hips: 105cm – 41.34 in

Buy your Irontech Doll REAH – 140CM | 4′ 7″ – N CUP just for $1,727.00    $2,230.00

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      1. For some reason I’m not seeing her on the website that you linked it to.(sex doll genie). Is there a problem, are they still selling this?

      2. HI Rick Yes there is a problem with the height of the doll and the Klarna’s policy. They had to remove it from site for that reason.

      1. Yes it seems that the sex dolls standard will evolve above 150cm. I think it’s a good thing to avoid any confusion.

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