Belle the Beautiful Artist By Andy

A new post and great story from my friend Andy about his sex doll Belle….
I can’t wait to read more…. Enjoy yourself!

Belle worked on her artwork all month. After countless edits and revision she felt content and submitted her work. The executive team reviewed her submission and unfortunately for Belle, her work was not good enough.

Heartbroken and saddened by the news, Belle returned home and spent the next few hours alone in her room staring at her work.


Her roommate dropped by and saw how depressed she was. So she tried to cheer her up by teasing her and taking photos of Belle. 

“Stop it!” Belle cried.

“Can you not see this isn’t the right time? How can you be so inconsiderate?” she screamed her friend. As soon as she spoke she realized how terrible she was. Before Belle could react her buddy ran out of the room in tears. 

“What a terrible day today. The AC isn’t even working in my room WTF. I shouldn’t have yelled her my baby mate, I’ll go apologize to her later. I need to drink so I can calm down and collect my thoughts. “

“First I need to take off these sweaty sweater and jeans…”

HiDoll 158cm 5ft2 new doll pussy breast huge boobs

  • Height:158cm – 5ft2
  • Bust:106cm – 41.73in
  • Waist:53cm – 20.87in
  • Hip:93cm – 36.61in
  • Weight:39.5kg – 87.08 lbs

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