Huge boobs for the little sexdoll

SM Doll created one of my favorite sexdolls in 2018 and I still find it at the top. It’s normal, that I’m telling you this because she looks like my Olga. For those who don’t know, Olga is a YL Doll 4ft9 – 150cm O Cup. That is to say a rather small sexdoll with HUGE tits.

Olga is very sexy and I’m having a great time with her, although sometimes I’d like to change her a little or remove a few flaws (but don’t tell her!).

Coming back to this SM Doll 4ft9 150cm L Cup, I have other series of pictures to show you and especially some videos starting with this one.

This body is associated with the X8 face. I find the numbering a bit weird, but you’ll easily find this face, please.

A little comparison with Olga

To make you a little comparison chart with this SM Doll, and see that it still has some differences.

Here are the measurements of the SM Doll

  • Height: 150cm – 4ft9
  • Bust: 99cm – 39in
  • L cup
  • Waist: 46cm – 18.1in.
  • Hips: 50cm – 19.7in
  • Weight: 28kg – 61.7lbs

and that of the YL Doll

  • Height: 150cm – 4ft
  • Full Bust: 116cm – 45.7in
  • Under Bust: 53cm – 20.8in
  • O cup
  • Waist: 55cm – 21.7 in
  • Hips: 90cm – 35.4 in
  • Weight: 35.5kg – 78.3 lbs.

We can see then that the SM Doll is by far the thinnest, the lightest and that it has 3 cup sizes less. So even if it’s a 4ft9 or 150cm sexdoll, they are not really the same sexdolls.

SM Doll 4ft9 150cm L Cup

My Olga weighs 35.5kg or 78.3lbs and this is where we see one of the performances of SM Doll, which manages to produce this sexdoll at 28kg – 61.7lbs.

I’m not going to say it’s a problem, but I must admit that 17lbs or 7kg less to move is not negligible. A lot of manipulations will be easier, like storing it, unstoring it ???? or dressing it or cleaning it.

And for those who have already bathed their sexdolls, I think you understand me. With a sexdoll of more than 60lbs / 35kg, you have to start using the trick, to make it roll, tip over… It’s a real advantage to have a lighter sexdoll, it’s clear.

SM Doll 4ft9 150cm L Cup

A good value for money

Another important advantage of this sexdoll is its price. It is smaller, so it is normal that it costs a little less to make. You therefore pay about $500 less compared to the YL Doll.

In terms of manufacturing quality, I didn’t get any negative feedback from SM Doll users, so I think everything is ok at this level. Still, you’ll have to be a bit careful not to push it too much when you’re attacking it, since these measurements are much smaller 3 inches or 10cm at the waist and 15 inches or 40cm at the hips. She has a very small butt!

SM Doll 4ft9 150cm L Cup

SM Doll 4ft9 150cm L Cup

  • Height: 150cm – 4ft9
  • Bust: 99cm – 39in
  • Waist: 46cm – 18.1in
  • Hips: 50cm – 19.7in
  • Weight: 28kg – 61.7lbs

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