The little student’s ass

And yes, we often get lost in speeches, while a simple little ass with two pretty rounded buttocks nails you. In the blink of an eye, you shut up and watch.

Then you feel like a warm-up in your lower abdomen, a sudden erection and/or warmth, and life becomes more beautiful, more pleasant.

For a moment, you forget everything around you, all the worries of everyday life. You feel good.

That’s what this sexdoll, the WM Dolls 5ft5 166cm C cup, is all about. She’s a celebrity. She was simply voted “Best Small Boobs SexDoll” with 406 votes in 2019.

Why is she so successful?

Because her measurements are perfect, she’s very light (33kg – 72.75lbs) and above all her figure is very elegant. She really has a natural class for a sexdoll.

I mentioned her little ass, which is cute, but many parts of her body are made with great success.

WM Dolls 5ft5 166cm C Cup

A 22-year-old sexdoll

This sexdoll measures 5ft5 or 166cm, which makes her almost human in terms of size. She has the body of a young woman between 22 and 23 years old, a little bit sporty, and very sexy.

Her thighs are thin and go up on her buttocks which are very round and not very high. This gives them a slightly stocky and very exciting shape.

By going up from the buttocks

WM Dolls 5ft5 166cm C Cup

Her belly is gently marked by her abdominals. This gives her a flat belly, but with nice shapes.

Her small tits with her C Cup are charming, not at all aggressive. For me, they’re a bit small, but I like their slightly round shapes. You really want to play with them.

These arms are like her legs, a little thin.

WM Dolls 5ft5 166cm C Cup – Head #335

The face #335 is not a new face. I already showed it to you in A beautiful pair of Sex Doll tits with the body of the WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H Cup. I think it fits this body perfectly.

She’s coming home from college

The little student dress with little white panties

Our 22-year-old hasn’t finished school. And she just got back from her classes… She’s going to have to relax now…

WM Dolls 5ft5 166cm C Cup

And you can imagine what she’s going to do for that.

WM Dolls 166cm 5ft5 C Cup Specifications

  • Height:166cm – 5ft4
  • Bust:81cm – 31.9in
  • Cup: C
  • Waist: 53cm – 20.8in
  • Hips: 84cm – 33in
  • Weight:33kg – 72.75lbs

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