How to fix eyelashes?

Makeup tutorial for doll   how to fix eyelashes   YouTubeMakeup tutorial for doll – how to fix eyelashes – made by Sili Doll on Youtube is a great explanation about how to change or replace the fake eyelashes of you doll. 

And this is the first episode of a series dedicated to makeup and accessories!

Hi there ~

My name is Cindia, from Sili Doll

I am part of the design & fashion team

I am now pleased to introduce this new forum topic: Makeup tutorial for dolls

Here, you will find videos where I will show you how to upgrade your doll`s look using makeup and fashion accessories – I will try to make my tutorials as simple and easy to watch as possible :wink:

Let`s start with an easy first video: how to fix your doll`s eyelash

We noticed that sometimes eyelash may come off, and hopefully you will find this video very helpful!


And this is not the end 'cause Sili Doll offers a new promo on:
From now on, all purchase of Sili (100 cm), Suki (110 cm) or Saiko (125 cm) comes with a free box of Taiwan eyelashes


The Sili Doll Store:

The TDF Link:

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