OMG, it’s Xmas Hitdoll Offers! is great french dolls’ reseller. His new store is now on and he decided to offer two great offers for this future new year.

promo-home-hitdoll-110cm1 (1)

The HitDoll 42,5” TPE super convenient to stay discreet, weighs only 12.5kg while being ultra sexy with his chest 57cm (half its size !!!!)

Real-Love-Doll proposes three versions at the same price of $1,130

MIA, the sublime princess of the rising sun


KELLY, dreamy hot kelly 

DAISY, beauty with closed eyes 

In addition to these three faces, I think you can ask other choice if they do not suit you … It must be difficult at times !!

Icing on the cake, the Hitdoll TPE 42,5” comes in two breast sizes:
Strong chest (definitely my favorite):

daisy-tpe-sexdoll-100-cm-real-doll-wmdoll (1)

And with a medium chest:

kelly-tpe-sexdoll-100-cm-real-doll-wmdoll (1)

Order now your doll, at this price it would be a shame to miss!

promo-home-hitdoll-110cm1 (1)

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