How to explore “A” spot?

The sexy areas most people overlook are the A-spot, AFE, or G-spot. This is an area of the front wall of the vagina, deeper than the mysterious G-spot, but we can try to find it. If you want to try g-spot stimulation, check out How To Use G Spot Vibrators Correctly?

The A-spot may be harder to locate than the G-spot because of its depth, but it can add A wonderful variety to one’s enjoyment. Some people with vaginas find A-spot or cervical orgasms to be more magically intense than G-spot orgasms, and it’s crucial to find what works for you. Not everyone enjoys the pressure of facing A A-spot, but we shouldn’t easily give up trying and adapting to the sexy zone.

There is no single “best” erogenous zone. If stimulating both the A and G spots makes the taste even more delicious, A good way to do this is with a clitoral toy set and G-spot vibrator.

Read on to find your point A and learn what to look for in A spot toys.

“AFE” in “AFE zone” stands for “anterior fornix sexiness”; This is a strange way of saying “the sensory sensitive area in front of the cervix”. However, in this article, we refer to it as “Point A”. It is also worth noting that the AFE zone has a counterpart on the back wall: the PFE zone or posterior fornix. Some people with vaginas find more pleasure in stimulating the area or properly massaging the cervix. In general, most toys that stimulate point A are also suitable for stimulating the cervix.

How Do You Find It With Your Fingers?

Point A is A wide area, and its depth varies from person to person. Positioning can also be A bit tricky, as point A doesn’t have any noticeable texture compared to point G. Start here to find your point A. Follow the slanting curve of your pubis with your finger to your G-spot, then dig about two inches into the anterior wall. Point A is usually there and somewhere below the cervix. Bend your fingers in a “come here” motion.

Obviously, similar to the G-spot fingering, it allows you to use the bathroom with confidence and to lay down a towel or sex product before playing. Ejection from point A stimulation is uncommon, but intense anterior wall stimulation usually puts A lot of pressure on the bladder. Eliminating this potential distraction is helpful.

If you have trouble finding or stimulating your A spot with your fingers, that’s okay. Some people have a shallower cervix than others, some have short fingers and some have trouble reaching. The height of the cervix varies with the menstrual cycle, it is higher during ovulation and lowers during menstruation. If your partner’s fingers are longer than yours, they will almost certainly be more relaxed. You can also try using short thrusts to guide the penis forward and deep. Of course, toys are the best tools for exploring!

A-Spot Thrill Toy

The best A-spot sex toys also have slight curves and swollen heads. In terms of girth, dildos that are sturdy and thin to medium width work well. Your goal is to go deep, and toys with enough girth, curvature and tapering will also work. You need something more than 5 inches long to insert. Of course, your mileage may vary, because not everyone’s vagina is the same.

If you’ve experienced an orgasm through deep penetration, there’s A good chance your cervix is massaged just right, or you’ve found your spot A. Women have many inner sensitive spots, and the AFE zone is another wonderful experience when you have sex.

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