A masturbation cup is not cheating, let your partner have it!

Have you always found your husband masturbating? Is it normal for your man to masturbate after you get married? For people with high sexual desire, masturbation is a way to experience the physical release of what he has longed for. This is very normal, masturbation is an indispensable part of sex life. Even if they find themselves in a long-term relationship, many married people Continue to masturbate and continue to enjoy their partner’s sexual desire while also continuing to enjoy their own sexual desire.

This is the safest behavior for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. On the one hand, it can ensure that you will not have sexually transmitted diseases and not cheat on your relationship with your partner. High-quality male masturbators can temporarily replace your partner. Men need physical release, and they will feel the actual pressure of ejaculation. Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of life. It helps to relieve stress and feel connected with your body.

After having a happy relationship, you definitely don’t want your partner to cheat. However, male masturbators are the best option to avoid breaking the rules. On the topic of masturbating and using sex toys, you and your partner can communicate honestly to avoid quarrels. If you and your spouse agree that masturbation alone is prohibited, then Doing so will violate your promise to him, he will feel betrayed and at least lose his trust in you, which is understandable.

Since childhood, many people think that masturbation is shameful behavior, especially women. But in fact, masturbation has many health benefits. In fact, as long as your husband’s toys do not replace your sex life, how often he does it really doesn’t matter. If you are satisfied with how often you have sex together, then his use of sex toys should not be a problem.

Even if most men are married or retired, they still desire to be alone, especially if pornography is involved. This does not mean that they do not always like marriage and love, but enjoy time alone. Even if you are married or have a long-term relationship with your partner, there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about masturbating. You are in an inferiority complex. In fact, most men and women do continue to masturbate when they are in love-this does not mean that there is a problem. Masturbation is normal in a long-term relationship, just as it is normal in a non-long-term relationship.

Masturbation has never been a problem in relationships. The main reason for human masturbation is happiness, regardless of the state of the relationship. If a person’s partner damages the relationship primarily by masturbating to satisfy his or her sexual needs, then it may be time to consider seeking help. Masturbation can support the sexual health of the relationship, but it should not completely replace common sexual activity unless it is an agreement that the two parties explicitly agree on. Communication is the foundation of harmony in all relationships. There are many ways to express love. The easiest way is to buy a gift and tell him that he is the best or you love him. This is the ideal gift for singles and those whose partners avoid sexual activity.

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