How To Adjust After Suffering From Sexual Fatigue?

After a couple of years of sex, you may have tried every position, but your sex is not as exciting and wonderful as it used to be. You just add a little bit, it can make a huge difference to something that’s never changed before. They can quietly and potentially change your life as much as all the happiness in the world. We share two tips and some handy tricks to give your old sex a new look.

1. Preheating Imagination

Instead of thinking of sex as something to do in bed, preheating your sexual imagination in your head will allow you to have the longest and freest foreplay. A brain filled with all kinds of sexual information can be activated and activated more quickly than a blank brain. Let new ideas come to your mind first, and the quick tricks in your mind can make a huge difference.

Preheating can be done whenever you can, eating, walking, driving, even at work, and the image that flits by in a few seconds doesn’t matter. You can associate anything you see, anything you think of, with sex. Of course, don’t get carried away, and don’t take too long. A few seconds, tens of seconds is enough. The content of imagination does not have to be too clear, ambiguous, and ambiguous more suitable for use as preheating passion.

You can also warm up your brain during sex by reimagining your body. Instead of imagining what your legs or belly have become, imagine that your most sensitive point is beautiful and timeless and that it is vibrating beautifully and striking the perfect note. Mentally imagine it, and the climax will be as beautiful and exciting as a real song. Another way to warm up your brain is to think metaphorically about the physical activity you’re doing. For example, he is gently tapping your body. You can imagine raindrops, cat steps, the ticking of a bell, etc. Although these visualizations are not sexual, they train your mind to respond more easily to your body.

2. Coordinated Breathing

You may not have thought about it, but even the most common breath has something to do with the quality of sex. In fact, during sex, it’s critical that both of you breathe in unison. If you can breathe together, you can enjoy yourself together.

An easy way to do this: Hunch over on your side with you in front and him behind, and he wraps himself around you from behind, placing his hand on your chest so he can feel your breath. Then, you take a long, deep breath and he follows your breath. You will feel a powerful loving connection as your breathing becomes more consistent. It may seem like a ritual, too serious, but it’s a quick way to feel connected and intimate. This extraordinary intimacy creates a special erotic “atmosphere” that allows you to engage in unselfish sexual passion together.

The other pose with the same breath is slightly more complicated. You sit across from him on the bed, your legs wrapped around each other, his right hand on your heart, yours on his heart, your left hand on each other’s right, then stare at each other and start breathing together. Just gaze and breathe, gaze and breathe, and let your love for each other flow through your eyes and hands to your heart. As if your soul could see his soul, and he could see yours. You will see a change in each other’s face, tender and happy, with a passion waiting to burst.

After trying a sexual trick, write your excitement and unusual happiness on a piece of paper, beginning with “dear” followed by a pet name for him, slip it into his pocket in the morning and send him to work with the results of last night’s battle. When he sees the note, he fantasizes: What will happen next time? It’s certainly a wonderful sexual reminder.

Instead of getting out of the bathroom, take the time to apply moisturizer to every inch of your skin. This self-massage will make your libido soar, and when you get into bed, you’ll naturally crave his touch. He’ll be amazed at how easily you can be turned on today and enjoy sex later on.

How to adjust after suffering from sexual fatigue?

After a few years, many couples who used to live happily ever after falling into the trap of “sexual fatigue” and find it difficult to recover their former happiness. There are many reasons for this. Familiarity with the body of a loved one, the hectic pace of life, the pressure of heavy work, and the burden of the family can all dampen the intense sexual desire of adolescence.

How to avoid “sexual fatigue” between husband and wife, out of the sexual dilemma, find the passion between husband and wife in the past? In addition to the 2 tips and mentioned in the article, but also do the following:

There is no standard for the number of times you have sex.

For some couples, having sex once a month works best and is mutually satisfying, while others may have sex four or five times a week. This is individual difference, not uniformity. As long as both parties are honest and clear about their feelings, they will be in harmony and will not be suspicious of each other. Otherwise, a vicious circle will be formed.

Emotional contact does not necessarily mean sex.

It is a misconception that sexual contact must involve sexual intercourse. Sex has many facets, and it doesn’t always have to be accompanied by the thrill of intercourse. Women of all people know the fact that some kind of thoughtfulness is enough. In other words, when she hugs you, she doesn’t necessarily want you to be “serious”; she may just be looking for a warm feeling.

Do it in a planned way.

Sex should also be planned so that couples can have a tacit understanding of each other. Actually, two people decide “sexual life plan”, also be a kind of very perceptual enjoyment. One man, for example, complained: “She usually likes to have sex late at night, when I can’t feel up.” Results “sex” not meet, each other do not sleep. So it’s very important to have a plan. If you can include sex toys in your schedule, the results maybe even better, especially for those who have never tried them.

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