Can Erotic Massages Boost Libido?

If you are willing to explore each other’s senses together, massage will enrich the relationship by bringing you into a new space of physical play and sex. You may remember that in a romantic relationship, you exchange caresses almost as often as kisses. But once a relationship is established, a very healthy and rewarding relationship, life is often devoid of romantic excitement and reciprocal lust.

While a regular massage is designed to relieve tension in the body, erotic massage is a hot nude massage designed to relax and stimulate the recipient’s sexual desire. Couples massaging each other before sex can help men boost their libido and women let go of their inhibitions and enjoy sex to the fullest.

The sexual massage between husband and wife is different from the sexual massage before the sexual life begins. It should be a rule of sexual touching that the wife’s sexually sensitive areas (breasts and vulva) should not be touched. Many people start by pointing directly at these sensitive parts of their partner’s body, which often doesn’t cut it. Sometimes such practice may also cause the disgust of the other side to sexual affection and escape. Especially women, their sexual arousal is often relatively slow. If you focus on these parts from the beginning, you will only make your wife more nervous or irritable, and she will feel that the man’s action is too rough or his purpose is too clear.

I think the order would be, first sexual stroking, then sexual stroking. On the basis of arousing each other’s enthusiasm step by step, sensitive parts such as the breast and vulva can be touched. The last act is sexual intercourse. Today I will tell you how to arouse sexual desire in massage.

The first step in the massage is to have your partner lie down on their stomach. Keep your arms a few inches from your body and your head and neck relaxed, not twisted. If you don’t have a massage mat or mat, use a pillow, heavy towel, or blanket to support your partner. Place a towel or thin blanket over your partner’s back and rub your hands together for a few seconds to warm them up. Then, pour a little lube over your hand and prepare to begin gently massaging your partner.

Face: Gently massaging your partner’s face creates a high level of security. Wrap your hands and fingers around his jaw and chin, then massage your hands up along the jawbone to your ears. Next, gently sweep fingers up and out of his face and repeat several times. Carefully with fingertip tracing partner’s lips, gently and slowly massage lips around, lips.

Shoulders and back: Kneel next to your partner’s head (or stand, if you use a table) and spend a minute or two massaging the top of your shoulders. You’ll find a series of points where you can apply pressure to remove the stiffness from your neck. How to do this: gently squeeze his shoulders, then press the palms of both hands on two points below his skull (about an inch from his spine) for five seconds, then move each inch down his neck, and press again. Repeat these movements at 6 pairs of points in the neck and upper shoulder, ending at the shoulder bone depression. Then, place your hand directly on your partner’s shoulder and slide along the shoulder to press sideways. Move to the front of the body and massage thoroughly, not leaving out the penis or vagina. Don’t play with sensitive areas too much. When massaging the rest of your body, just touch them gently.

Legs and buttocks: Move towards your partner’s lower body and massage the buttocks, really knead the meaty parts of the buttocks, using a handgrip to knead the muscles and move the thumb and four fingers to the important thick layers. Remove the gluteus muscle and posterior thigh muscle intersection with two thumbs, then strengthen the massage on this crepe site and the lower edge of the hip bone several times. And along the buttocks to toes respectively press pinch each leg, in the part of the thigh muscles, with fast alternating (interval), 5 fingers open, slightly to force the way.

Tips: if your partner has varicose calf veins, massage them very, very gently and don’t press on the varicose veins. Next, bend one of your partner’s feet and massage his calf, wrap both hands around his ankle thumb, knead up to his knee, and finally massage his whole foot and heel. Repeat the process with the other foot.

Erotic massages are one of the best ways to create an emotional atmosphere and express love and passion because they have intent. This may be what you and your partner need to improve your sex life. At the same time, you may want to consider using sex toys, as they can also help make sex more fun for couples and individuals.

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