Great tip from Jim – Ruby13

I just wanted to show off something. When you’re taking pics with your Ruby
there’s an option you should be aware of. Ruby has a bendable backbone that allows
her to sit forward. I only bring this up because I think it’s sexy when a woman has
great posture and Ruby dolls have that great posture. All you do is, while she’s sitting,
place one hand on her thigh close to her hip and hold her thigh down while with your
other hand behind her upper back pull her upper back forward. Her back bone goes
down into her thighs so she is able to hold that position of “Sitting forward” here’s some
photos of her doing that in different ways. If you have some examples feel free to post em.
It gives you some more appealing photos when she’s pushing em out, if you know what I mean.


See pics below:

Presley_body_1024x1024 IMG_3800_1024x1024 Ruby_body_1024x1024Get your Ruby13 on :


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