Single men turning to life-sized dolls for SEX & companionship

siliconegf_03Terry is a single, middle-aged Singaporean who holds a white-collar job.

He has tried dating a few times, but is admittedly not too charming with the ladies.

But Terry, who is in a senior management position in a company he does not wish to name, is not worried about finding love.

Every evening, he comes home from work, plops himself on his living room sofa and turns on the television.

Beside him sits a buxom lady who has been waiting for him the entire day.

Her name is Babe and she is in her “early twenties”.

Full article:–companionship&Itemid=4#ixzz3VZAeZ5En
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Full article:–companionship&Itemid=4#ixzz3VZAOI2tN
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