Fat Japan Body With Angel Face

I can’t resist showing you this new series of photos and a NEW VIDEO of this sex doll. This sex doll is an AF Dolls 5ft6 161cm Fat TPE with silicone face….

This sublime silicone face of a beautiful and poetic Japanese woman is a wonder. I think it’s so beautiful.

You’ve already seen it with the body a little bit bigger: NEW Huge Boobs AF Doll 170Cm 5ft5 With Silicone Head

Wonderful Japan Face

It is a little elongated with fine, well defined lines. She seems very sweet and mysterious. It’s an invitation to caress. Nothing wild in front of this facies.

This slightly elongated face with its sweet almond-shaped eyes and fine nose ends with a small mouth overhanging a slight chin.

And you, what do you think of this face?

Fat Body, too much?

The body of this sex doll is a 161cm Fat. He does not have unusual measurements, but he remains well endowed with a rather normal chest in 93cm – 36.61 inches, a thin waist 79cm – 31.1inches, and very wide hips 102cm – 40.16 inches.

This body weighs rather heavy with its 48kgs – 105.82lbs, which does not seem too justified. There must be a small effort to be made by AF Dolls to lighten this body a little.

The 170cm with her largest breasts is 4lbs lighter (2kgs), or 46kgs – 101.41lbs.

AF Dolls 5ft3 161cm H Cup with #233 head

NOREEN – 161 CM | 5’3″ – I CUP (HYBRID – SILICONE HEAD + TPE BODY)$2,210.00 

AF Dolls 5ft3 161cm H Cup Specifications

  • Material:TPE
  • Height: 161cm – 5ft2
  • Weight:48kgs – 105.82lbs
  • Bust: 93cm – 36.61in
  • Waist: 79cm – 31.1in
  • Hips:102cm – 40.16in

7 thoughts on “Fat Japan Body With Angel Face”

  1. Same, to me she’s not that fat ????
    PS I was expecting rather a “pregnant” doll according to the title of the article ????

  2. She is not fat friends, she is a Perfect Curvy Real Woman, just all what a real man needs….
    By the way, i received a private email three months ago from sexdollgenie when i asked for a sino doll, the video was exactly this, are AF and SINO doll the same factory or doll makers ?

    1. What??? AF Dolls and Sino Dolls??.. i’ll try to get more info.
      you’re right… she’s not fat, just curvy ????

  3. exactly the dream body of my… but sino doll’s s33 is my dream face…would it be wield if i put s33 on top of this?

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