NEW AF Dolls Huge Boobs And Muscles

Big breasts and muscles. Here is a description that will please many of you!

I am the first to like it very much. This sex doll is a great success and you will quickly understand why.

A well muscled body with a slim waist

Her secret to being ultra sexy: a super thin waist of 19.3 inches (49cm). She does not need to have a breast size of more than 40 inches (97 cm – 38.2 inches) for people to think she has big tits.

And that’s what’s most exciting, I find. Her measurements are really well chosen.

And this sexdoll has a very muscular belly with very visible abs. She loves sports, there’s no doubt about it. We’re gonna have to be good with her to be able to give her pleasure.

Surprisingly, in relation to its shape and size, I find it a little heavy, even if it remains reasonable and, in any case, in the average.

A pretty face

This face #62 is really nice. I don’t like this wig and I think that with straight hair, it would be much prettier.

AF Dolls #62 head

The pronounced eyebrows highlight her blue eyes. And that mouth is great. She’s quite large and well made up. She must swallow it all up!

Sports attire required

And yes, of course, for a sports sex doll, you needed a sports outfit. But not just any one…. And you’re going to love it!

All dressed in black and well ventilated, this sex doll shows all its shapes well. Her top and thong in vinyl, with her stockings (?) and high heels are really THE sports outfit you love for a sex doll.

AF Dolls 5ft1 155cm Specs

  • Height: 155 cm – 5ft1
  • Full Bust: 97 cm – 38.2 in
  • Under Bust:  53 cm – 20.9 in
  • Waist: 49 cm – 19.3 in
  • Hips: 88 cm – 34.6 in
  • Weight:  42 Kg – 92.4 lbs

AF Dolls 155cm (5ft1′) Sexy Shaker Bar Stripper Sex Doll – Trina – 1,999 USD

AF Dolls 5ft1 155cm – Sexy Real Sex Dolls

5 thoughts on “NEW AF Dolls Huge Boobs And Muscles”

  1. The pictures don’t do this simulacrum of a perfect female specimen justice. When dressed up in skimpy outfits, this doll is even more stunning in person. Blue eyes and soft auburn hair made this doll come to life. For a moment, I forgot it is a doll. I will post pics soon.

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