American Flag Bikini For Huge Butt SexDoll

And here are the first bikini tests to prepare for the upcoming summer season. You’ll have to take care of your look to stay on Florida’s long beaches and look good to excite all these muscular, tanned males.

But when you have huge breasts and a big fat ass…like the new YL Doll 158cm 5ft2 N cup (here with the head #271 Aisha) it gets very hot right away. And when you proudly wear the colours of your country, it’s even more beautiful!……

She loves her bikini in the colours of the American flag. It must be said that it suits her super well and that this thong that fits her well between the buttocks, enhances even more this huge ass.

A great gift idea anyway, if you want to please your beautiful ones, gentlemen!

The small white sneakers to get to the beach are optional, but it completes the outfit well. It may be missing a small dress very open or even a pareo.

YL DOLL 158cm 5ft2 N Cup Specification

  • Upper breast: 105cm – 41.3in
  • Under breast: 70cm – 27.5in
  • N Cup
  • Waist: 66cm – 26in
  • Hip: 127cm – 50in
  • Thigh circumference: 65cm – 25.6in
  • Calf circumference: 36cm – 14.2in
  • Weight(including head): 56.5kg – 124.5lbs.

YL DOLL 158CM | 5′ 2″ – N CUP

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