I Fell In Love With Jessica

Jessica is one of PiperDoll’s newest Sexdoll.

I already showed you the other 150cm 4ft9 B cup: Akira, and I warned you this one was coming, but I didn’t expect the shock. And yes, I am in shock, because the beauty is AWESOME… especially in video!

This new Piper Doll 150cm 4ft9 K cup has for me everything I love: a beautiful, big boobs, a slim waist, a light weight, an elegance of body shape. And this face…. soooooo sexy.

You recognized the sublime Jessica Rabbit, who drove everyone crazy when she performed on stage. I don’t know if you remember the scene, but I am the Wolf with his eyes coming out of his sockets and his tongue hanging out….

Piper Doll 150cm 4ft9 K cup measurements

  • Height: 150cm – 4ft 9
  • Upper Breast: 89.7cm – 35.31 in
  • Under Breast: 53cm – 20.87 in
  • K Cup
  • Waist: 45cm – 17.72 in
  • Hips: 84cm – 33.07 in
  • Weight: 31kgs – 68.34lbs

JESSIKA – 150CM | 4′ 9″ – K CUP

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