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Material selection for physical dolls

Adult sex dolls are getting more and more attention and love from everyone. With years of production experience and marketing experience, racyme has some suggestions for lovers who want to buy adult dolls. This time I mainly want to give you some suggestions on the material for you to choose.

At present, the physical dolls on the market are nothing more than silicone material and TPE material. These two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the physical dolls produced are all non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. The following three collocations for physical dolls on the market Let’s talk about their advantages and disadvantages to make it easier for you to choose:

The first type is all silicone. Because the silicone material is relatively hard, the face and body parts of the produced physical dolls are more realistic, closer to real people, and resistant to high temperatures, strong acids and alkalis. However, the price of raw materials is relatively high, and due to It is a doll made of silicone material, so it is relatively hard. Such a physical doll is not suitable for use as an adult product, but it is indeed a very good choice as a figure.

The second type is full tpe. Because the material of tpe is relatively soft, the face and body details of such a physical doll are not as realistic as those of silicone dolls. It will have the feeling of a big Barbie doll. It can be formed after hot-melt treatment, so the price is relatively cheap, and there will be a channel in the mouth of the full TPE sex doll. Therefore, the advantages in adult products are also obvious, and it is also a good choice for lovers who have such needs.

The third type is a silicone head plus a TPE body. The advantages and disadvantages of the two materials have already been mentioned before, so the physical doll combined in this way not only has the characteristics of silicone material to make the characters appear real, but also has a body made of TPE material. Soft, which is the best match at present, but it also has the disadvantage that there is no channel on the mouth because the silicone material is relatively hard.

Well, the above is the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of different materials of the main physical dolls currently on the market. I hope to provide some convenience for everyone to choose physical dolls.

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