A pretty Asian girl for the evening

It’s so nice to always have a little snack before dinner. Some people call it an aperitif… You’re probably wondering what I’m referring to? Well it’s about this AF Doll 159cm 5ft1. And you’ll soon understand why I’m saying that.

The benefits of hybridization

Do you like her, too? It’s quite normal. I’d be surprised if you didn’t. Not only is this sexdoll very pretty, but it also has a few well-placed qualities.

AF Doll 159cm 5ft1
AF Doll 159cm 5ft1

She chose her outfit very well. A bra with a little blue bow, a very sexy little skirt and her irresistible high socks complete an outfit that we are very much in love with. It’s not Cosplay yet, but it could be close to it. What do you think about it?
I have to admit that a sexdoll with a sexy outfit is still top notch.

AF Doll 159cm 5ft1
AF Doll 159cm 5ft1

To continue the presentations, I must tell you that this AF Doll sexdoll is a hybrid. She has a TPE body and a silicone face. And what a face!!!

The silicone used for the sexdolls allows to refine the details and gives the skin a more precise tone and feeling. For the features of a face, it is really ideal. This face is a little round, with beautiful cheeks, with a rather fine nose.
Look at the lips of her mouth or her eyes with her perfectly realized eyelashes and eyebrows.

AF Doll 159cm 5ft1
AF Doll 159cm 5ft1

A well-thought-out combination

This body weighs less than 30 kg, and for a height of 5 feet and an inch or 158cm, it’s a great performance. It promises good times with this beautiful extreme oriental softness. You will be able to enjoy it in all positions and it will not stay in your bed .
This sexdoll has a nice pair of breasts. They are not very big, but they are a lot of fun. The contours are well-proportioned and they The belly is well drawn and your glance will go down rather quickly towards her small well shaved and very soft pussy.

AF Doll 159cm 5ft1
AF Doll 159cm 5ft1

As you turn her over, your heart rate will accelerate. The croup of this sexdoll is frightening. Well cambered, she’s just waiting for her partner to give her what she’s waiting for.


  • Weight

  • Face

  • Height

  • Boobs

  • Butt

  • Sexy


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AF Doll 5ft1 158cm Specifications

  • Material: Hybrid – Silicone Head + TPE Body
  • Height: 158cm – 5ft1
  • Busts: 85cm – 33.46in
  • Band: 67cm – 26.38in
  • Waist: 53cm – 20.87in
  • Hips: 82cm – 32.28in
  • Weight: 28kgs – 61.73lbs

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