WM Dolls Silicone Head Fannie Coming!

WM Dolls will soon offer a brand new silicone head for all its sex dolls.

And it is a great novelty since it is possible to combine it with TPE bodies.

They not plan go to silicone doll market.

More details with silicone

Silicone allows you to work in more detail and offers more possibilities for shades.

The realism of this new face is really striking. The work on the nose, eyes, eyebrow, eyelashes and implanted hair is really amazing.

The customization is less extensive with this new Fannie head.

This NEW head is only available in natural skin color. There is not ORAL option.

The hair on the doll are implanted and only available as in the pictures. Eyes also can only be ordered as in pictures.

You will be able to check all this by yourself since I have recovered detailed photos. And you will also be able to enjoy it since it is also presented with the 5ft6 168cm E Cup body in TPE.

Without being a revolution, we realize here that this is a big step for the brand and that it is always a little more oriented towards quality and details.

168cm (5ft6′) E-Cup Fanny Sex Doll with Silicone Head and TPE Body
2,999 USD

Photos with WM Dolls 5ft6 168cm E cup TPE body . 

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    1. Oh, yes, you’re right. Now that you mention it, it’s true that the resemblance is striking.

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