WM 160cm B cup with #141 head


The WM Dolls 160cm B cup is not new, but it’s a Success on sda Blog!

I already wrote two previous posts with different faces:

And this post is with the great #141 head. You have seen this head with the excellent 170Cm M Cup (Two heads for one Huge Boobs body)


160cm (5ft2′) Boobette Bad Girl Doll on SexyRealSexDolls.com


0 thoughts on “WM 160cm B cup with #141 head”

  1. One of the uglier dolls I’ve seen. I don’t know if its just bad photography, she has a sick look on her face. The color and lighting is very off

    1. WOW Tomas, you’re so … I’m not ok with you. This is just artistic!!! I’m not fan of the small tits dolls but this one is very sexy

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