sex doll black friday

How to spend Black Friday?

November 26th is Thanksgiving. I believe everyone is very excited, because it is a holiday to spend with family and friends, and November 27th is the long-awaited Black Friday, which may be celebrated by many people. After Thanksgiving, maybe you have to line up at the mall to snap up your favorite products. We are also starting to promote sales, so I will bring benefits to everyone.

In order to welcome the annual Black Friday, our website is also carrying out Black Friday promotions. Use the discount code (LOVE2019), and you will find that there are bigger surprises waiting for you! And our website is updating products every day, so there is always a goddess you have long liked, don’t hesitate, come and take her home! With sex dolls, you can experience more happiness. She can help you achieve the poses and clothes that your girlfriend does not want to do; she can also block the spread of the virus and protect your health. Because health is the most important thing, don’t you think? Now, let me introduce to you our sales champion!
Avery, she is the sales champion of our website. Everyone who meets her will be shocked by her. Moreover, her perfect figure is so fascinating that she always has sex with her. You can change her all kinds of clothes, she likes them all, and what she likes the most is to borrow some sex toys as foreplay, which will make her body more sensitive and ask you to fuck her again. You will find that she is getting more and more slutty and wants to suck your penis. Does this make you very hot? So what are you waiting for, come and take her home (Sex doll Juile)

Key Feature:
Skin Color: Tan
Height: 140cm
Weight: 23.4kg
Bra Size: F
Arm length:20.86in
Palm length:6.10in
Leg Length:25.59in
Foot Length:8.85in
Oral depth:5.12in
Anal Depth:6.69in
Vaginal Depth:6.69in

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