What do you think about dolls smaller than 4ft6 (140cm) ?

More and more stores no longer sell models smaller than 140cm/4ft6. I continue for the moment to show you more series of photos, without giving you any information to buy them most of the time.  Of course, I respect the law, pedophilia disgusts me and I would do anything to protect our children who have nothing to do with what is shown here.
Could you tell me what you think through the small survey below?

0 thoughts on “What do you think about dolls smaller than 4ft6 (140cm) ?”

  1. I would agree with you, these dolls are made to look like children and that is not right with me. Now if the doll was made to look like a voluptuous dolls, like an adult but smaller I dont see an issue with that. If there was a doll with big breasts, hips, ass, and it was just a small version for us that can’t move a 100lb doll this would be prefect and easier to put away too. Thats my opinion on the dolls.

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