Vivid Super Model Doll coming soon with California Exotic Novelties

“The pinnacle product in the Vivid Raw Collection is the Super Model. Everyone wants to sleep with a super model, and now they can.
This revolutionary new doll is 100-percent fully molded and lifelike. The user can really feel the difference.
Inner inflation means they control how firm or soft she is. The lifelike vagina and anus are plushy soft, tight, and made of Pure Skin Material. Measuring 5’8” with legs that never end, long flowing blond hair, and a totally lifelike face, this doll sets a higher standard.” … le=335#335
News from Sign Magazine ( )
02.07.2014 | Los Angeles, USA – California Exotic Novelties and Vivid Entertainment have teamed up to create a new line of products for men called Vivid Raw. The innovative 34-sku collection will be officially unveiled at the July ANME Trade Show.”
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      1. I was wondering how it was with the vagina of the Vivid Raw Alana Rae. Many dolls have a vagina that is connected to the ass, there’s nothing natural in practice with such an insert. .

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