Twin CLM 160,what a lucky Andy


Andy HSU is a lucky guy. He bought Two CLM 160: Maddie and Jenny. And he’s a great guy too, because he wanted to share his experience with us. You can read below a excellent story: “Holydays with the twins” with a video and some great pics!


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Holidays with The Twins

By Andy HSU

It’s Christmas Eve, and I am quite fortunate to be able to spend time with the twins, Maddie and Jenny. The twins are from CLM, they are pretty much identical, except for the face. Both 160cm, same bust, and size. It couldn’t have been any better. Maddie is a blonde, her sister a brunette. Growing up, they’ve been very close, from studying exams together, wearing each other’s clothes, to working out together.

Hard work for Sexy bodies

Both girls stayed away from junk food and maintained a rigorous ketogenic diet. They work out, squat, and hit legs almost every other day. 12Their routine focuses on building a thick bubble butt. Not too hard like bodybuilders, but not simply a fat as. Over the years, now it has paid off, they have the perfect body a man can ask for. It is not just their ass, although it does grab your attention at first. Their natural breasts mesmerize you when you see them jogging together early Satusday morning. They wear their sports bras, but the juggs still bounces with every pace. I knew they were twins, but didn’t know they looked almost alike (their body of course).


It was never about attracting men, that was their lifestyle. But now they have men crawling around trying to talk to them. It truly shows what hard work and dedication can do for you. I was lucky enough to spend the holidays with them. We had dinner at Grace, in the west Loop of Chicago. It was a long wait, but the experience was worthwhile. I recall Maddie and Jenny eating their King crabs, poking at it like they’ve never had it before, their smiles truly enlightened me. I never really cared so much about the holidays nor the music, but the Christmas songs playing truly made the moment, “White Christmas by Frank Sinatra.”


I poured them each a glass of Chateau Margaux, a special treat for two beautiful girls. I insisted, but they reminded me we had to go workout later. Ahh yes, I almost forgot about that. I was looking forward to see how tights will fit on them. We eventually made it to the gym, I skipped my Arm day to workout legs with them. As serious as they were, we also goofed around quite a lot. Working out with the twins made it more enjoyable. 30We did 24 sets on the squat rack, a Aztec pyramid build and drop set. Then finished with Hamstring curls and quads. The girls did other booty accessory work I was not familiar with. I passed on several of those exercises, simply because I didn’t need as ass like theirs. I must admit I really did enjoy staring at their ass. Other dudes were staring as well, I glanced back to assert dominance, they weren’t going to come n
ear my twins. After a gruesome 3 hours’ leg day, we made it home. I showered at the gym, it was simply easier. Getting into my car all sweaty ruins the seat and leaves an unpleasant scent. I got out from the men’s room and met the girls by the front door. They were still in their gym outfits, the girls said they wanted to shower at my place. The women’s locker room smelled funny. We got into my car and headed out. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it home, my legs were very sore, definitely activated my CNS.


“The girls had the shower on, I could hear the water running”

We made it home safely, they headed off into the guest room. I turned out the speakers, decided to look up “Christmas playlist,” since I was unfamiliar with Christmas songs. “Ave Maria” was first on the list. The girls had the shower on, I could hear the water running. They were laughing and giggling at something. I decided to make protein shakes for each of us. Maddie likes strawberry flavored Optimum Hydro-Whey. Jennifer likes Rich Chocolate Whey, and I honestly didn’t mind the flavors.

I started sipping on my Whey, staring out the window at Lake Michigan. I stood there by the balcony, feeling the cold breeze rubbing against my skin. The Gold Coast has a great view upon the lake, but staring at it for too long also has its effects. The horizon is endless, there seems to be emptiness on the horizon. Especially at night, I often lose myself in my thoughts. There is so much to this world, so much to do. Yet at the same time,
so much emptiness.

img_4255-copy“Hey come here! We need our towels quick! We have a surprise for you!”

I was suddenly interrupted by Maddie. She called me over to help them. Apparently, she needed a towel. I walked back indoors and closed the balcony doors. It was so much warmer inside.

“Hey come here! We need our towels quick! We have a surprise for you!” Jenny yelled.

I grabbed some fresh towels and headed over to the guest room. There was a pair of pink thongs by the front door. I realize what I was getting into.
I apologize, but I must stop here, for the rest is not PG-13. ????


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