The Red Sign

She’s wearing the red sign. This sign indicates that she is ready to accomplish her mission. This young woman, a JY Doll 150cm 4ft11, is a secret agent. She must succeed to save the world.

But she is also a woman full of desire and her body makes her understand that she must make love.

That’s why she wears the red sign..

JY Doll 150cm Measurements


  • Height: 150cm  4ft 11
  • Full Bust: 78cm 30.7 in
  • Waist: 51cm 20 in
  • Hips: 97cm – 38.2 in
  • Weight: 35kg – 77.1 lbs.




JY Doll 150cm (4ft 11′) Small Breast Blonde Sex Doll with Large Ass – 1,999 USD




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  1. I pulled the trigger on this onion booty beauty. One of the few dolls that is even better in ‘person’ than the promo pics. I was thoroughly impressed. This is the first and only of this brand that I have. I don’t know the reason but the skin seems to stain very easily. My hands were clean but blueish tinge on every part of the doll I touched that won’t come off. Very disappointing, however I can live with it given that otherwise it’s an absolutely perfect doll.

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