The OR Doll 156cm G-cup doll is out!!!


We are awaiting about this new big boobs doll after Rin 161+ from Doll House168, Huge breats 165cm from Wm Dolls.

I have an Or Doll Torso with old E-Cup (Rose)… and this last one have great BOOOOBIES.

Love that!

But Today we know her measurement and i have some pics for you!

  • Height:156cm
  • Breasts:93cm
  • Waist:59cm
  • Hip:95cm
  • Weigh:29.8kg

Buy your 156cm G-Cup on just for $2,299.00!

Mouth: width 2cm, depth 13cm
Anus: width 2cm, depth 15cm
Vagina width 5cm. depth: 17cm

You can have all the Or Doll heads: Linda, sherry, Sasha, Daisy. Sherry. Lily. Rose (Mine)


Buy your 156cm G-Cup on just for $2,299.00!

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