The Lily of Max


Max wanted to buy a 140 cm D Cup breast with head #59 (Blink eyes). He is a nice follower of RealDollAddict Blog. When he ordered his baby, he contacted me to know if i could help him to support the delay… and the stress. He also wanted me to reassure him on the dealer.

Hi !! I am one of your follower and i have a question for you…i buy my first doll ever and am a bit worry about the re seller that i buy the doll…i buy it from sexyrealsexdoll from your blog and i just want to know if you ever buy or you know somone who have buy from them…i have buy 140 cm d breast from wmdoll but am scare that it gona be a fake one because he gave me a really good price…. thank in advance my friend for your answer.

F6AE823A114F40F781D85BF778D20BC0Yes, Max is a canadian. And he was really anxious when he knew that his doll was inspected by customs.

Hi my 140 cm is been hold at the border and am canadian she have d cup do you think they find her to small ? Am a bit anguish right now..

But now his darling is at home! Her nick name is Lily

 Lily is quite amazing but she is a lot heavier that i though like every body i think so…and the joint is really stiff and am quite a strong man and sometime i am not sure if  gonna break it !she is very fragile you have to look for everything sharp ….beware of that ,she is trully amazing she is better in real person than on the picture !!when you powder her the skin feel like real! is a lot of maintenance but Is it worth it ! and the wig that is the hard part! With a blink of a eye you can mess the wig and you have to brush with that cheep thing the vendor send you ….and by the way all the other thing who came in the box just trow it in the trash it so cheep you can do nothing with that!so here some pic of my doll!

Thanks Max for your great pics!!!!


Sexy Real Sex Doll Amy 4’7 ft / 140 cm D-Cup

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