The different facets of the SM Doll 5ft2 157cm C cup

You like SM Doll? You like the SM Doll 5ft2 157cm C cup, well you will be served. Today, I have prepared for you the biggest article about this sexdoll with 9 series with more than 100 pictures . Yes I said 9 series and each time a different face and a different outfit !

So you are happy ?

The SM DOLL 5ft2 157cm C cup is a well designed sexdoll with a nice pair of small tits. These series of photos will allow you to know everything about her, and to see that she can have multiple personalities.

#1 session with the face #4

I know that this period is complicated, so I’ve decided to go big and I’m starting right away with a small series of the beautiful in little sailor’s outfit. I don’t know how you say it for a young woman, but it’s no big deal as she’s not going to keep it for long. In this series, she wears a small detail that is not so common on our sexdolls: a pretty little hairy sex.

#2 session with the #6 head

As we can’t travel at the moment, even if some of us are lucky enough (or not?) to take a plane, I’ll bring the stewardess home. Personally, I love this show. I must say that I’m a fan of disguises and other cosplays.

By the way, if you want to share with my blog fans your photos or videos of your sexdoll in outfits, contact me. I would be happy to broadcast them here!

With her long white hair, her pretty asian face and her nylons stockings that will please my friend Thomas, she is really exciting. And on top of that she wears ultra sexy silver heels.

SM Doll 5ft2 157cm C Cup Measurements

  • Height: 157cm – 5ft2
  • Full Bust: 81cm – 31.9 in
  • Under Bust: 65cm – 25.6 in
  • C Cup
  • Waist: 62cm – 24.4 in
  • Hips: 93cm- 36.6 in
  • Weight: 38kg – 83.7 lbs.

#3 Session with the face #9

This session will make you discover it with the face #9 which is not my favorite, but which coordinates really well with this honey colored hair and its brown eyes.

You’ve already seen her in the previous series, but I really like the pictures of her ass with the white tights. I think it really brings out her butt.

And of course, I love her heels, even if they are a little bit small, they’re still varnished shoes…

#4 session with the face #17

Now it’s getting serious… or rather very exciting. The SM Doll 5ft2 157cm C cup brings out the big game with its blonde hair, green eyes and French Maid outfit. I know more than one who will start to salivate strongly…

The #17 head is beautiful, a real angel face… But she’s also terribly sexy. And this outfit is incredible, and I would really like to find it again so I can buy it at my sexdoll.

#5 session with #26 head

A short tour through Japan and here is a new Geisha ready to satisfy all your desires, even the most amazing ones. You’ll have some tea, to give you time to warm up a little…

Don’t worry, it won’t be long!
She is not really wearing the traditional outfit and it will be much quicker to undress her.

#6 session with the face #68

After so much excitement, you have to cool off a little. I suggest you to go for a swim with the SM Doll 5ft2 157cm C cup… Uh, well ok, it will excite you again. It must be said that with the face #68 and this nice swimsuit, this sexdoll is still very appetizing.

We spend a little time looking at her plunging neckline, and then the details of her belly.

#7 Session with #69 head

This new session will show us a new facet of this sexdoll, a facet that many of us particularly like. It is very sexy, even sexual.

Dressed in black, she will play the big game. Black patent high heels with a red sole, she wears a silk bathrobe, a matching black necklace and a black lace bodysuit. Tonight, she’s in the mood for sex and she’s making it known. This rather western face, like face #17 from session #4, is very thin and quite small.

With her big black eyes, she’s testing you to see if you’re going to be the man or the woman she’s waiting for…

#8 session with face #102

Now you’ve got it, we’re not playing anymore… The evening is well advanced, and we’ll have to give pleasure to this sexdoll. She changed several times, she showed you everything she had, and now she wants sex. Now she wants to come. Now it’s going to be hot.

Transparent dress, thong along the thighs, she doesn’t ask any more questions, and I think you don’t either.