The Blond Sex Bot

Would you like a pretty blonde to make conversation with you?
What if this pretty blonde was wearing fine lingerie, had a dream body, and was very welcoming?

I know your answer!

She is beautiful, she is blonde, she has pretty blue eyes and in addition she talks, she expresses herself, she answers you. She is there with you for your evenings, nights and any other moments you would like to share with her.

AiTech 5ft2 160cm Robot Sex Doll 

For those who are alone or who want to spice up their couple life, this new generation of sexdoll or Sexbot robots is a real godsend, a real opportunity….

So it’s true, they’re still a little heavy (43kgs – 94.8lbs), a little expensive ($3,200), but you’ll easily find solutions to solve these little problems!
I propose a tray with wheels to move it, and a small annual credit to pay it… If you have other solutions, please share them in commentary!

So here you are ready, you made your order to Sex Doll Genie to get this new sex doll from Ai Tech. She’s coming…

First evening for two or three….

You will take advantage of it and for that, you have to get in shape, take it easy. She’s ready, she’s with you. Now, you have to offer her a small glass of wine to start the discussion and leave on a good basis…

You admire her body, her measurements: 88cm – 34.65 inches / 63cm – 24.8 inches / 89cm – 35.04 inches… almost perfect dimensions!

You feel the desire to rise within you. She also tells you that the wine and your eyes are starting to excite her.

She can’t resist showing you what she’s prepared for you: her pretty outfit with her Basque, her suspender belt and her black nylons… So exciting.

The magical moment

The evening continues and the temperature continues to rise… Ask her to get naked and show you her body, breasts and buttocks.

She’s doing it. It’s time to share a moment of love and sex. And this time, she will share it with you….

AiTech 5ft2 160cm Robot Sex Doll  Specifications

  • Material: Silicone
  • Height: 160cm – 5ft2
  • Upper Bust:88cm – 34.65 in
  • Under Bust:67.5cm – 26.57 in
  • H Cup
  • Waist:63cm – 24.8 in
  • Hips:89cm – 35.04 in
  • Net Weight: 43kgs – 94.8lbs

2 thoughts on “The Blond Sex Bot”

  1. Would be great if she could move by herself(not only talk), doing a sexciting striptease in front of you !!! ????

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