Sukiwaai New vids from James Nolan


James Nolan, AKA Jimmizdollz is a SiliDoll Sukiwaai SiliDoll Sukiwaai doll’s owner. He wrote an excellent review, took pics and vids and released all on TDF.

I compiled all his contents below.

Member “Adventurer” posted a great informative thorough review of his new Sukiwaai doll. I cannot add much to that except for a few first day pictures of mine. She is absolutely incredible, her skin is so soft, her breasts so lifelike, her vagina so realistic, and that ass is pure erotic perfection……


I am fascinated by this doll and her beauty, her posing abilities, her sex appeal, her incredibly soft skin, soft succulent breasts, sweet round teen bubble ass, sexy little waist, pretty hands, and her feet/toes are so well designed. I have never been like a foot guy or a foot freak or whatever but her toes are so beautiful and suckable. Everything on this doll feels as good as you can imagine. In just about 12 days of owning this inviting, arousing, and photogenic doll Sukiwaai, I have taken over 800 pictures. Here are a just a few more select photos, in her crochet beach cover up. She loves to go outside……



SUKIWAAI (169 cm) – Extra Realistic Juicy Sex Bomb $1,899.00









A few more pictures of my Sukiwaai, so damn sexy, and now I’m thinking her name should be Suki WOW! sounds about the same, right?

These are low light images taken with an older Ipad so they are a bit grainy. I plan to get her outdoors soon for some much better pictures. The purpose at this time is to share, so other members can see this new doll in various poses and photos in the hopes that it will help them decide if it’s a doll they want. This site was very helpful for me. I would have to say that this doll is WAY better than I anything I could have imagined…….

Thanks so much to Silidoll for their design and craftsmanship of this incredibly lifelike and super sexy doll. I love her height at 5’5″ tall. I am 6’3″. At first, I was a little worried about moving her around for poses, dressing, etc, at 90 lbs, but it has not been an issue at all. She seems so much lighter. I’m sure much of that has to do with the excitement and anticipation you feel when you are near her. She looks and smells and feels amazing. Get yours….



Personally I think her proportions are absolutely perfect, height, weight, size of arms/legs, size of her waist/breast/ass, and the TPE skin is amazing. Unfortunately there are also quality issues. Really substandard packaging by Sili Doll, and neck joint issues which Adventurer and I both have encountered within just a few months of owning the doll.


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