Sukiwaai in Wonder Woman Cosplay

Wonder Woman is a sex symbol for a whole generation (Y). And the manufacturers understood that. I already showed you a sexy version of WM Dolls: Wonder Woman naked. Today it is SILI Doll which is sticking to it, with a certain success.


They experienced some setbacks with the first version of Sukiwaai ( New Excellent Suki Review by Adventurer ) but it seems to be back in order now with the corrections made to the skeleton.

And concept design, makeup, and assembly are done right here in the USA!

To achieve Sukiwaai’s Wonder Woman Sex Doll Cosplay look, I worked from multiple reference photos of the beautiful and iconic Gal Gadot. A legend in her own right, Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman Sex Doll projected this superhero back in to the spotlight. This homage to Gadot’s beauty and incredible performances required a tremendous amount of attention to detail. Her big brown eyes, subtle but distinctive lips, and toned body, presented several real artistic challenges that were met through the use of premium powder makeup and the distinctive quality of BodyColor by Missatluer. 

Subtle shading was used throughout her body to highlight Sukiwaai’s figure and bring out skin details to match Wonder Woman’s dominant athleticism. I used a brighter-than-usual color scheme on Sukiwaai’s body to give her an active look befitting a true Amazonian. This Sukiwaai Wonder Woman Sex Doll also features layered BodyColor shades on the lips, nipples, pubic area, and labia to achieve a life-like appearance befitting the Levant’s most gorgeous woman. 

All told, Sukiwaai in her Wonder Woman costume is ready to battle some of the baddest evildoers in the galaxy. The question is… can you withstand this Amazonian goddess?


Sexy Wonder Woman Sex Doll 2018

Wonder Woman Sex Doll – Sukiwaai™ (169 cm) Signature Series



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