SM Doll Nazewa From Pandora

You have always dreamed of making love to a Pandora’s Na’vis, these tall, slender and elegant amazons. But you don’t have your avatar yet?

SM Doll does not go all the way (we do not find the blue), but offers you this very close face and very well made to continue or realize the fantasy.

Presented with the SM Doll 157cm C Cup model, you will be able to get an idea of the final result. I don’t hide from you that I would have liked it with the 170cm (SM Doll 170cm) or the sublime 158cm M Cup (Huge tits for Giant pics Gallery) or 150cm L Cup (Back To The Sexy Fifties).


SM Doll 157cm (5’2″) C-CUP AVATAR NAZEWA – US $1,405.98 – CAD $1,723.00 Coupon Code AFsdaX


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  1. You can special order in blue for $200…156a sKelton is perfect for a short but proportioned Ney’tiri.

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