Should Teenagers Use Sex Toys?

Masturbation is an important way of teenagers’ sexual behavior. It not only releases excess energy but also promotes the development of the gonads. Masturbation is a common phenomenon among teenagers. Teenagers in adolescence will cause sexual desire due to the increase of sex hormones. Sexual desire is the main sign of healthy people. The lack of sexual desire indicates problems with endocrine and sexual organs. Both boys and girls may experience masturbation. Because it may be unintentionally rubbing on the genitals makes it very comfortable, and then you may take the initiative to stimulate.

Should Teenagers Masturbate?

Psychology now basically confirms that masturbation is harmless, but excessive masturbation is harmful. In addition, due to some wrong ideas, it will have an adverse effect on their psychology. Masturbation can relieve the intensity of sexual desire and reduce the chance of juvenile delinquency. Secondly, masturbation can release the effects of excessive hormone secretion and reduce the chance of nocturnal emission. However, excessive masturbation can lead to a lack of concentration and decreased memory.

What Should Parents Do If A Kid Is Masturbating?

Do not take violent measures seriously to stop. Serious criticism from parents can easily lead to psychological shadows and even sexual dysfunction in adulthood. Beating, intimidating, threatening do not try these behaviors. Proper masturbation is not terrible, and the reaction of parents when they encounter kids masturbating will make them feel that masturbation is immoral behavior. They may feel ashamed and ashamed. Inferiority complex produces concepts of guilt and danger.

It is more likely to happen in groups of introverted teenagers. They don’t like to participate in sports, don’t like to communicate with others, and are stressed. If parents find out, they must not think that their kids are morally problematic. Because every time you masturbate, you can relieve stress and feel comfortable.

When discussing sex with kids, the most important thing is the attitude of the parents. If your kids talk to you about masturbation, you should infiltrate them with the notion that masturbation is harmless and pay attention to their emotional state. Encourage your kids to participate in activities of the same age, and you can also accompany them out to play.

Many parents of teenagers still have backward and wrong ideas. When these ideas collide with the vigorous sexual impulse of teenagers, it may cause the psychological distortion of the kids, so that the children are immersed in shame and guilt, which affects learning and health. It may also affect future marriage and love issues.

Masturbation is inevitable for kids in learning, but it should also be taken seriously. Genitals are very important for everyone, so you should tell them about the importance of hygiene. Sex toys are a good choice, avoid Bacteria entering the body.

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