Sexy Maid For One Night

I need to talk to you about Gina!
Gina is a young New Yorker I hired , a YL Doll 4ft11 151cm Sexdoll with the #304 head, for my New Year’s Eve party. I needed someone to do the service for my guests.

A well-trained maid

I didn’t have to look long because there are so many caterers available today. However, I did ask when I placed my order to have a pretty, well-bred, professional person who knows how to serve with class and distinction.

When I saw my order arrive with this big truck and these muscular and rather macho delivery men, I didn’t expect to get what I asked for.

And yet, Gina was the one!

Gina is not very tall. She is, I think, of Italian origin. She’s blonde with long hair and black eyes. She has a very distinguished face with fine facial features.

Gina, YL Doll 4ft11 151cm Sexdoll with the #304 head

She wore her maid’s outfit with her little black and white dress, her fabric tiara, her little necklace and white nylon stockings… And yes, she was super sexy!

She made a lot of impression on my guests. I can even say that she was the attraction of the evening. Everyone, man and woman alike, wanted to know who she was.

A long-term service

The evening ended naturally early in the morning… and I couldn’t resist to ask her if she would be ok to end this wonderful evening with a special extra: a photo shoot…

She agreed right away. She loved the idea. She wanted it very much! That’s just great.

Gina, YL Doll 4ft11 151cm Sexdoll with the #304 head

This sexdoll is so beautiful, in her waitress outfit, I asked her to keep it to start the session. We took refuge in my room so that we could have a little more privacy. She sat down on the bed and posed very naturally in front of my camera. I understood immediately that this was not her first time… and indeed, she was very quickly liberated and comfortable.

Gina, YL Doll 4ft11 151cm Sexdoll with the #304 head

I could see her body opening up with her small, firm and fresh breasts. She turned to make me drool over her small, bulging, and so appetizing ass.
I felt that she didn’t weigh much and that we could try some very special sexual positions…. I put my camera down to join her in bed…

YL Doll 151cm 4ft11 C Cup Measurement

  • Height:151cm – 4ft95
  • Bust:73cm – 28.74in
  • Under bust: 58cm – 22.83in
  • Waist:51cm – 20.07in
  • Hip:85cm – 33.46in
  • Weight:29.8kg – 65.69lbs

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