Sexy Biker Stephanie

Stephanie is in love with old classic motorcycles. She could have bought hers not too long ago.

So she’s still working on maintaining it and making it beautiful, day and night. She never leaves her stroll partner.

Her roaring heart resounds between Stephanie’s thighs and it sends her straight to the seventh heaven. It excites her so much that she caresses herself at her side and makes herself come to the sound of the engine.

Stephanie is an YL Doll 157cm / 5ft2 with a #254 head


YL Doll 157cm (5ft2′) Gothic Halloween Sex Doll with Big Titties – Sadie – $ 1,899.00

YL DOLL 157cm / 5ft2 Measurements

  • Breast:98cm -38.6in
  • Waist:54cm – 21.26in
  • Hip:93cm – 36.6in
  • Weight:41.95kg – 92.5lbs


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