SexDoll With Huge Nipples

It’s been a long time since I’ve received any new pictures from OR Doll. And yet, it was my first love!….. So I’m really happy to see one of their creations again… and not just any one.

Today, you will discover, for some, the OR DOLL 5ft3 161cm K Cup with the #117 head. And, you will be able to enjoy it since it is not a simple series… but 3!…

So to describe the beautiful, She’s a sexdoll with very Huge Boobs (110cm – 43.3 in), a rather thin waist (57cm – 22.4 in) and a rather normal ass (89cm – 35 in). She does not weigh too much for its height with her 40.5kg – 89.2 lbs.

The particularity of this sexdoll is its huge nipples. At the end of her big tits, you’ll be able to treat yourself by licking and sucking her huge nipples. For those who love it, it’s probably one of the best sexdoll.
Even through her bra, you can easily see them, so you can get excited before the act.

In these 3 series, you will have 3 very different moments, which I invite you to live without delay.

Version #1

OR Doll 5ft3 161cm K cup Sexdoll Measurements

  • Height: 161cm – 5ft 3
  • Full Bust: 110cm – 43.3 in
  • Under Bust: 59cm – 23.2 in
  • K Cup
  • Waist: 57cm – 22.4 in
  • Hips: 89cm – 35 in
  • Weight: 40.5kg – 89.2 lbs.

Or Doll 161cm (5ft3′) K cup Massive-Tits Doll on SRSD

Version #2

Version #3

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