Sex, Love and Robots

I recently wrote a post about the sex Robots and today i came across this article:

Sex, Love, and Robots

Will sexbots make human life better, creepier, or both?

From  from the April 2015 issue – view article in the Digital Edition

She asked us a excellent question:

But it’s this rather outlandish hypothetical that gets us to the crux of the issue: Will sex robots be more like vibrators, pets, partners, or slaves?

That question—and how technologists, potential customers, ethicists, and legislators will answer it—is mostly the concern of a few academics at this point. But in the not-too-distant future it will become much less hypothetical for billions of people. We are drawing ever closer to the era of realistic, affosdable, emotionally intelligent robots, including sex robots. These have the potential to change not just how we relate to technology but how we relate to one another. The challenge: How can we make robots part of our social/sexual fabric without letting them remake us?

To read the entire article:

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