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Hi Doll’s Fans,

The TV world is increasingly interested in the Doll’s World. And now, with the growth of robotics and advanced still further, there are more and more TV show about.

I wrote a post about the Sex Dolls That Talk Back By THE NEW YORK TIMES (JUNE 11, 2015) and “the Uncanny lover” article about Doc Mac Mullen from RealDoll, by Zackary Canepari, Drea Cooper and Emma Cott on Publish DateJune 11, 2015.

Nick Sweeney asked us on TDF to participate to a new documentary and i let you his complete explanation below:

This new documentary will follow the development and release of an extraordinary new product being created by Realbotix, a company at the forefront of AI and dolls, and will look at how technology could advance human relationships. We have been filming with Realbotix and will continue to.

You’re perhaps a mix of skeptical and bored with these types of requests. I would be too! Rather than patronise your intelligence with endless promises, instead here are links to my last few shows so you can judge for yourself who I am and what I do:
Full Eps: … ody-season

I’d love to talk to men, women and couples in the US and UK who are excitedly awaiting the next wave of robots. Whether you’d like to participate or are just curious and have questions about the documentary or me, please get in touch! All information provided will be held confidentially. PM or email

Nick Sweeney is an NY/London based director and producer.

I’m an established television director working at Raw TV (, an Emmy winning production company, on an in-depth documentary exploring the next generation of robots offering love, sex and companionship. It will be an hour long program, and is fully commissioned by a major UK broadcaster.

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He developed and series produced/directed Channel 4‘s “Born in the Wrong Body”(2015), a groundbreaking television series of 3 x 1 hour documentaries following transgender people aged 5 – 25 in the USA and UK. Episodes “My Transgender Kid”, “Girls to Men” and “My Transgender Summer Camp” are airing on major TV networks worldwide.

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