Pretty Asian ass

A little return to Asia with this nice sexdoll from Irontech Doll that I introduced you in: Julia, Pretty Blonde Sex Doll

This sexdoll of 5ft2 – 159cm is really beautiful. Irontech Doll has produced a dream body with a very natural shape.

I had already been conquered in the previous post in front of the series of photos proposed, it is also a little bit the case with this one. I must admit that this body of a 25 year old woman is really well finished and I especially like the shape of her breasts, the curvature of her hips and this nice little ass.

Small ass… not really!

Yes, this needs to be corrected. She is 100cm or 39.4 inches, which is really important for a sexdoll of 5ft2 – 159cm. From the front, you can’t see it too much, even if you can see her wide thighs and the hollow of her hips like a “wasp waist”. I love it, I find it so sexy and exciting.

IronTech Doll 5ft2 159cm G Cup

But from behind, you can clearly see her big, rounded buttocks. You want to grab her, spank her, and shove her cock into her pussy…. I’m getting excited, but that’s really what it suggests!

Try to resist and we’ll talk about it again.

Little tits and face Saya

This sexdoll has small breasts with her 87cm or 34.3 inches chest size. But they’re quite spiky, with the nipples a little high. It just makes you want to swallow them and suck them off like a good ice cream on a summer day.

IronTech Doll 5ft2 159cm G Cup

Saya is the name given to her face. Between us, I think it suits her well. Saya is of Asian origin, but she has been sharing her ancestry with Westerners for a long time. As a result, this half-breed has beautiful almond-shaped eyes, with a round face, and a fairly thin nose and mouth.

IronTech Doll 5ft2 159cm G Cup – Saya

She has kept the traditions of her ancestors, but she has completely integrated herself into the civilization of vice… Although the Asians invented the kamasutra and other sexual practices of which we don’t even know the existence.

Maybe she’ll teach them to us…

IronTech Doll 5ft2 159cm G Cup

  • Height: 159 cm – 5ft2
  • Full Bust: 87cm – 34.3 in
  • Under Bust: 67.5cm | 26.6 inch
  • D cup
  • Waist: 65cm – 25.6 in
  • Hips: 100cm – 39.4 in
  • Weight: 38kg – 83.8 lbs.

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