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George is responsible of the XS DOLLS. He had an excellent idea i would share with you.

Started as a dolls dealer, he now decided to create his own dolls series. But like many others, he want to co-build it.

so I am nearing a moment where I am probably going to start manufacturing our own dolls. Before showing you what we did however (3D prototypes), I wanted to hear your opinion first. Lets keep this thread only about the visual appearance such as the body shape and the face.

My original plan was to release 3 different bodies at once, but I later decided to do it one by one. So what should the first body look like? Do you want a 170 amazonian like body with small breasts and a rounder butt, an anorexic 135, or a big butt with DD cups? Please keep in mind that almost anything in terms of bodies has been done already, I am not going to do a copy of an existing doll.

It’s simple, what do you want? Please keep your answers coordinated: 1) suggestions on a body and 2) suggestions on a face – you can use pictures of course. I will keep this thread alive for 7 days and will discuss every submission with my team. So please post only things you actually really would consider buying. Also, when making your own submission, please let me know if you like any of the earlier submissions.

Based on your suggestions I will then release some 3D models, that will be available for voting (in a poll). If the results shows a clear winner I will then start production.

I believe that making you part of the process will lead to a better product – waiting for your suggestions.

Please “Take an active part in the process!“:

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