New Z-onedoll 145cm model with A26 Face


The new Z-onedoll 145cm model is a silicone doll with extra options, human size and light weight.

The 145cm model specifications:

  • Bust*band*waist*hip(cm): 75*58*53*72;
  • Shoulder(cm): 34cm; Arms: 61cm Legs: 69cm
  • Feet: 19cm Weight: 29kg

1)Non-intelligent type: with oral,anal and vaginal holes;
2)Intelligent type: with heating, oral,anal and vaginal holes;
3)Intelligent type: with heating and sound, oral,anal and vaginal holes.

12_facde0bc-0b5f-4793-95c6-5d60811bd79f_grandeLoveMeSiliconeSexDolls Z-OneDoll Special Vendor


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