New YLDoll Biiiig Butt

And guys, here’s a little news!…..

Finally when I say a little… it’s not quite true, since the beautiful girl is 1m58 – 5ft2 tall and has a huge ass with a hip circumference of 50 inches – 127cm !

I had already shown you the first images of the model in production, First Pics Of The New YL Doll 158cm Big Booty, well today, here is Aisha!

Since this is the first time Aisha has shown up, she has decided to show everything. She is almost naked, sexy and slightly damp. You won’t believe your eyes.


YL DOLL 158cm 5ft2 J Cup Specification

  • Upper breast: 105cm – 41.3in
  • Under breast: 70cm – 27.5in
  • N Cup
  • Waist: 66cm – 26in
  • Hip: 127cm – 50in
  • Thigh circumference: 65cm – 25.6in
  • Calf circumference: 36cm – 14.2in
  • Weight(including head): 56.5kg – 124.5lbs.


Riesige Po Sexpuppe YL 158cm 5ft2 J-cup Body

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  1. Quick question, it says N-cup but then the pictures say and show J-cup, mistake or there is an option for the N-cup? Heavily interested here

      1. Damn, and I was getting my hopes up for a doll that has it all, height, 50” butt and huge melons… time to wait some more…

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