NEW WM Dolls 5ft6 171cm H Cup

This sexdoll, A brand new sexdoll from WM Dolls, is tall 5ft6 – 171cm, with long legs, a pretty pair of well designed breasts, a super thin waist, and a small well rounded ass.

The anal and vaginal orifices appear to be well positioned. For its tall size, this body has a reasonable weight of 78.3lbs – 34kg. So we’re sure it’s all good.

For this first presentation, WM Dolls chose the #160 face that I particularly appreciate, since it appeared several times on the blog. With green eyes and pink wig, we have a perfect combo for seduction.

The beauty takes care of her look since we are entitled to a t-shirt too short (not enough?) for her beautiful chest, white suspender belt with pink stockings and sneakers for fans.

The prices are below 2000$ but I think I could offer you an offer from my partners quite quickly. (contact me if you want to buy it super fast)

KACEY – 171 CM | 5′ 7″ – H CUP

WM Dolls 5ft6 171cm H Cup Measurements

  • Height: 171cm – 5ft6
  • Bust: 82cm – 32.3in
  • Waist: 43cm – 16.9in
  • Hips:83cm – 32.7in
  • Weight: 35.5kg – 78.3lbs

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