NEW WM Dolls 166cm 5ft4 C Cup (Updated with SRSD link)

Yes Guys a brand new WM Dolls 166cm C cup , here presented with #273 head.

This little bomb arrives in the middle of Black Friday, but I haven’t seen it for sale yet!……

We knew about the B Cup, which I showed you in April: Lost Young WomanNEW WM Dolls 166cm – 5ft4 with #53 head  , and it seems that WM Dolls likes to add a cup size to its dolls, since this was the case recently with its 162cm model: C Cup For The WM Dolls 162cm 5ft3
I let you discover this great series of photos that shows the beautiful and very sexy Lara Croft in her outfit.


  • Height:166cm – 5ft4
  • Bust:81cm – 31.9in
  • Cup: C
  • Waist: 53cm – 20.8in
  • Hips: 84cm – 33in
  • Weight:33kg – 72.75lbs



166cm (5ft5′) C-Cup Scottish Croft Sex Doll – Lara – 2,099 USD



0 thoughts on “NEW WM Dolls 166cm 5ft4 C Cup (Updated with SRSD link)”

  1. Head #273 is Natalie Portman.
    Body close enough too.
    Should do a photo op in her ripped up star wars 2 arena outfit.

  2. She is really amazing and drop-dead gorgeous. And what a nice photo set too. Nearly unbelievable she isn’t of flesh and blood. Thumbs up!

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