New WM 152cm with #130 head photos

152cm with #130 head6

It was a long time since I had not published new photos on this great curvy model.

For me, just before the YL DOLL 160cm (and the Huge Boobs YL Doll 150cm or the Passion Dolls 150cm or the WM DOLLS 170 M Cup or…. i love Huge boobs You know ;-)) this was on of the sexiest model in the dolls world: the big boobs curvy WM 152cm.

You can see this body with #130 head and brown nipples.

Her (so curvy) measurements are:

  • Weight:  37 kg / 81.5 lb
  • Bust: 85.5 cm / 33.6 in
  • Waist: 53 cm / 20.8 in
  • Hip: 92.5 cm / 36.4 in



# 1 Curvy 152 cm (4’9 ft)
huge ass and boobs
with head 142


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